master of none (kush) wrote in animerochester,
master of none


I'm generally asleep at this time, and in fact... I'm actually very tired, but I figured since I just forced myself to stay awake to post 70 icons in my journal, I could spare some time for an intro.

I'm BEE! I live in the Rochester area (obviously) & enjoy anime (that's odd...). I'm starting out this year as a Freshman at RIT. That's in a week. Yay! They have a fairly large Anime Club too, so I'm semi-looking forward to joining (sometimes the crowd of rabid fans scare me... srsly). Anywho, as you can tell from my username, I like FLCL! But, that's actually not a top favorite of mine or anything (although, the art for it is amazing!). My main fandoms right now include Ouran High School Host Club & Air Gear. I go through a lot of obsessions/phases very quickly. I also have the tendency to grow attached to certain characters. Like right now I'm very attached to Haruhi (from Ouran) and Agito/Akito (from Air Gear). WAHHH. I don't normally ramble so ... randomly, it's because it's 3AM. We'll leave it at that...
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